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Blessing Against Storms Chaplet, "Storm Watch", Handcrafted Brass Artisan Rosary and Chaplet Designs

The artisan designs of this chaplet were inspired by the storms at sea that make their way to land The hint of aqua blue on the dark violet brown topaz beads reminds one of surge and seafoam. When the ocean stays within its bounds it is beautiful and tranquil to watch. The flow of currents and waves are almost hypnotic. But when nature raises its fury or steps out of its bounds, we need the help of prayer and grace. God has given us the means to battle the forces of nature (and or mankind.)…

Handmade Blessings Against Storms Chaplet, "After the Storm"

Handmade Blessings Against Storms Chaplet, "After the Storm"

Midnight purple amethyst glass Czech beads stand out in the designs of this artisan chaplet: Coupled with soft peach tones of dry earth mingled through the design to remind the user of great purple canyon landscapes. However, despite the beauty one of the ugliest weather events of a canyon is fire. At dusk, the skies around the peach glowing flames and through the smoke clouds can appear purplish in color. This weather event of fire is the most catastrophic storm because nothing can…

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