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This video I’m going to talk to you about the importance of creating your own syndication group when you are first getting started!

Have you heard controversial thoughts on if you should build multiple income streams before? I know I have. In fact I have heard some popular leaders who HAVE multiple income streams bash it! haha Listen to the TRUTH about multiple income streams

The products below are actual products I pay for and use to build my business. I don’t recommend products I don’t actually use myself

In network marketing, in business period, you will run into challenges. You will run into a brick wall, and you are doing things on your own, how are you going to overcome them. Will you just give up and forget about all the reasons why you started that business in the first place? That’s why being apart of a team is so important.

A good friend and business partner Paul Hutchings hosts a live “Think and Grow Rich” Mindset call every morning at 9am EST / 6am PST. This is where we come together and mastermind about true principles that if you applied in your life you would make a lot more money!

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