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Just keeping you in the loop! This hangout is just great great information. Are you in here? Click now and join me, you really should be hearing this and taking notes. It’s great teaching!

What is the best set up for your Solo Ad? Are you someone that is waiting for the perfect capture page, perfect email copy & perfect place to buy your solo ad? The fact of the matter is so is everyone else! The key to doing solo ads is to just take action! Mike

Choice you make must be important. Take action to see what will take you to success.

Paul Krugman: Obama One of the Most Successful Presidents in American History | "Americans have experienced more "consequential" changes under Obama's presidency than ever’s not everything you would have wanted, but it’s more than anyone else has done for decades."| Mother Jones

How to Have a Breakthrough not a Breakdown

Some people believe that Rich people are EVIL! Or that if that’s all you do is focus on money you are wrong! …I don’t believe that at all! Listen to my video message today! It will teach you what balance really does to you!