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Photography tips for shooting the milky way and night photography.

I think I will try this when we go on vacation. It's lights out along the coast for the turtles, so I should be able to do this right from the beach. Photography tips for shooting the milky way and night photography.

This view across 24,000 light years of the Milky Way Galaxy shows over 150,000 stars!

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. - Albert Einstein (This view across light years of the Milky Way Galaxy shows over stars!

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I don't know how anyone can look up at the stars and still not believe in God. Every full moon reminds me of "God's Night Light".

Astrophotographer Jon Secord sent in a photo of the Milky Way taken in Zion National Park on May 19, 2015.

“One in 200 stars has habitable Earth-like planets surrounding it - in the galaxy, half a billion stars have Earth-like planets going around them - that’s huge, half a billion.

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Milky Way. Every star we see in the sky is part of the Milky Way, but a brighter center exists some light-years away. The Milky Way is about light-years in diameter and contains 200 to 400 billion stars.

The Milky Way, our small little section of the vastness that is the universe...

How Much Do You Know About Outer Space?

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Center of the Milky Way Galaxy

Center of the Milky Way Galaxy and this picture is awesome.

With two bight eyes, my star, my love, Thou lookest on the stars above:  Ah, would that I the heaven might be  With a million eyes to look on thee.   Plato

Milky Way

The Milky Way, as seen from Namibia. Namibia has the best starry night skies!

The Milky Way is the galaxy in which we currently reside. It is classed as a barred spiral galaxy, although this is actually fairly difficult to determine

♥♥ For MY SmexXxy HOT Brainy Space SCIENCE Geekette! ♥♥ The Milky Way is not an island universe, but a member of a small cluster of galaxies called the Local Group. (Illustration: NASA / CXC / M.