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Projected over ventricular outflow tract is a metalic device with multiple leaflets. Features are of a ASD closure device that has been placed percutaneously. No post-procedure complication.

Robert Reich on What's Next for Bernie — And His Supporters

Robert Reich and the Movement - What Does Hillary Have to Do to Win Our Support?

And...they need regulating, because they were in the health care insurance business and make record profits by refusing to insure people.

Filling a Gap Between ERs and Inpatient Rooms

Filling a Gap Between ERs and Inpatient Rooms - When Kathleen LeBlanc, 62 years old, showed up at the Brigham and Women's Hospital emergency room in Boston late last month complaining of chest pains, it wasn't immediately clear what was wrong. Doctors worried it wasn't safe to send her home, but with no clear reason to admit her, she was moved to an increasingly important part of the hospital: the observation unit.