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-- "Yes, I am aware that we fight a lot, but we crave it like the only substance keeping us alive"--

I honestly don't know who they are. The girl's attitude stance, her school uniform and her look's, look's like Misaki from Kaichou wa Maid-sama! But the guy isn't her hot Usui. I would love to find out what anime this is. Does Anyone know?

Akazawa Izumi y Misaki Mei. My favorite characters from Another

Izumi Akazawa & Misaki Mei - Another,Anime. This is cute and kinda Yuri and creepy if Izumi didnt die

highschool of the dead  - Another zombie anime

Shouji Sato, Madhouse, High School of the Dead, Takashi Komuro, Saeko Busujima

OMG I LOVE ALL THREE ANIMES ;) First one is Silver Spoon (soo funny and relaxing and amazingly interesting food topics) second one below is Food Wars (Pretty cool cooking ways and nice overall) and last one YURI ON ICE ;) ;) ;) Can't be about sports, it's not about sports at all x'D BUT SOO GOOD x'D

Weight loss:Before and after<<<the screech from me when I saw the last one was not human

Where to start...Ed and Al are reunited at the end of last season, Father is now a good father, Lust was defeated by another fire bender, Sting gained a tail, GAR for ...Ren's dad???, Sasuke's so much more talkative now and actually has decent fashion sense now. Huzzah

LOL. Look at this

in english or in another language? because i can promise sun and sting are not the same voice actor in english XD