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Honeypool----quiet, calm, friendly she-cat great hunter wants kits some day----mate: Mintwhisker --Open

Name:Dapplesun Gender:she~cat Rank:Warrior Personality: Kind, caring, great hunter, nice until you get on her bad side, calm, serious, natural born leader, and she has no crush/mate/kits. Open

Mintwhisker---grumpy tom who once trained as a medicine cat but chose the path of a warrior instead--mate: Honeypool----Open

Nightflame. She cat. She is calm, but when you get her mad, you don't want to be near her. No crush. No mate. No kits. Open.

Ripplefeather. Loyal, smart, and gentle tom. He loves kits but doesn't have any yet. He is very patient and makes a good mentor. He is a really good hunter and fighter. Mate:none kits:none. (Open)

Blazingleaf. She-cat. She is kind and stubborn, loyal to her clan and her friends. She is an exceptional hunter and fighter. She is small for her age but that does not mean she is afraid of fighting for what she believes. Mate: Skyfall kits: none. Open

Skyfall-a black and white Tom with green eyes.Is a great Hunter and fighter.Can sometimes be tough on apprentices but inside you can tell that he has a heart of gold.He is Loyal and brave.He has no mate or kits.He just wishes to be the best warrior he can be.Very tall,Strong and Thoughtful. Open