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Giggle. Hope this isn't you!

What runs through my mind whenever I have free time. Hang on - what's free time?


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easy breezy beautiful hover squirrel -

easy breezy beautiful hover squirrel - hahahahaha I can't stop laughing



45 Funny Pictures which Delivers a Laugh Instantly

45 Funny Pictures which Delivers a Laugh Instantly

"Oh you're sick and really weak? Here, tear open this steel package for medicine. " OMG Seriously so hard to open!

Idea You Should Try! - You Like Jokes

Some glass, a sense of humour and a smartphone required - This is too funny. I love having funny photos of friends as their contact picture.

This is by far the best text exchange between a parent and child that I've ever read.

Does this ring a bell, Kelly Trotter? And your uncle was there. And there were no cell phones so I got all the way home before we knew it.

Funny Confession Ecard: I want to repin that quote, but it has a grammatical error.

****The ironic thing is that there is a grammatical error on this comic. To quote is a verb, a quotation is the noun that should be used here.