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By cutting the volcano and painting the red of the lava, the students are working on their fine motor skills. By working with their hands, they learn in a meaningful way about the physical features of other parts of the world (volcanoes).

This project teaches the students about the physical features of another place in the world. They learn how the lava oozes out of a volcano. To make this more meaningful for kindergarteners, the activity of painting the lava themselves is included. By manipulating the paint, the students also develop their fine motor skills.

This is a good activity for kindergarten because the painting, taping, and cutting develop their fine motor skills. This hands on activity is a meaningful way for students to learn about the plants found in another place in the world. This can be compared to plants that we find in our own area.

Bulletin Board craft idea. Take pictures of children pretending to surf then cut them out and put them on surf boards! This is good for kindergarten because coloring and cutting out the surfboard will help develop their fine motor skills. It will also help create a sense of belonging for all students in the class.

This activity is a good way for students to practice their letter recognition. The picking up of shells also helps develop their fine motor skills.

Feet In The Sand - Footprint Beach Themed Summer Bulletin Board Idea

Feet In The Sand Bulletin Board. This can help develop students' fine motor skills. I would also add a piece to this where the student has to imagine they are in Hawaii and say what they would see, how they would feel, and what they would do. This would help develop the students' writing skills - the process of forming letters and sentences as well as develop abstract thinking through creative writing.

This is a great book for kindergarten. It teaches kindergarteners a traditional story of the Hawaiian culture. It also teaches them about the physical feature of volcanoes that are present in Hawaii. Through the simple but interesting narrative and colorful illustrations, students' attention is captured as they learn about another culture. The teacher could also compare what they learn about Hawaii in this book to the area that they live.

Week of 7/22/14: Toddler Tuesday – Luau Theme! We made handprint pineapples, toilet paper roll palm trees & streamer grass skirts. Pineapple – we painted our hands green & staggered our prints on brown paper, then cut out & drew lines on an oval piece of yellow paper. Palm Tree – we colored 3 pre-cut leaves, then cut 3 slits in the toilet paper roll for each leaf. Grass Skirts – We measured ourselves, then tied colored streamers onto roping. We took a photo in our grass skirts & hula-danced!

Painting with a Pom and clothes pin to help with fine motor control. Encourage the student to make the pom jump lightly on the page. The end result of this lesson, an awesome Statue of Liberty painting done with a stencil. Great for celebrating the 4th of July.