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Did you know sometimes when you see a cat you think is a black panther.it is actual a black jaguar? Meet Alek from Fast & Furless (Southern Shifters Kindle World) by Yvette Hines


Beautiful wild animal One month old Jaguar cub A moment in time.even animals can be romantic San Diego Wild Animal Park

The jaguar is representative of power, ferocity, and valor; she is the embodiment of aggressiveness. For some, the jaguar represents the power to face one’s fears, or to confront one’s enemies….

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My son Loves Cheetahs. Perhaps this with a Chrysanthemum flower (November birth flower) would make the perfect tattoo!

melanism | Tumblr

melanism | Tumblr

Snow, seriously?

The black panther is one end of my totem animal-- in general being the black cat. I know it's not a tiger but its still a big cat and it's cute.

Saliendo del agua.

Funny pictures about Majestic Wet Lion. Oh, and cool pics about Majestic Wet Lion. Also, Majestic Wet Lion photos.

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Jaguar (Panthera Onca)聽鈥?Lydia Molyneux • roar

Leopard or Jaguar? I think Jaguar, but I'm not positive.

Was looking for the Tim Flach photo of a black leopard grooming itself, but this image is also striking

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Love Nature Animal [an-uh-muh'l] - a member of the Kingdom Animalia which comes from the Latin 'animale', meaning 'soul.' Pick a colour: BrownRedOrangeYellowGreenBluePurplePinkBlack and White

melanistic animals- I feel stupid for not knowing this condition existed. I mean, since there is an opposite for nearly everything- why not albinism?

Melanistic Animals

Here are some melanistic animals (melanistic is the opposite transition of albinism). Humans are animals too Melanistic animals Here are some melanistic (melanistic is the opposite transition of albinism) Humans too