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30 Creative Coffee Packages

Star Trade Coffee from Equador:   "...By utilizing images that suggest the place of origen of the coffee, we created a bold and stilish coffee bag. Each coffee bag has its place of birth and the location from where coffee has been extracted. Star Trade Co. it's fair trade company that pays the right price for the best coffee beans in the world." Gold Award Winner of the 42th International Creativity Awards  Designed by G Workshop Design, Equador.

Star Trade Coffee

Star Trade Coffee from Equador; Gold Award Winner of the International Creativity Awards; designed by G Workshop Design, Equador.

Goshen Coffee packaging and branding by @Identity Designed

Goshen Coffee

La Vida del Tostador: 6 Factores a Tener en Cuenta al Momento de Seleccionar el Empaque para el Café

Roaster Life: 6 Factors to Consider When Selecting Coffee Packaging

Goodson Bros. Coffee Company Inc. Let's all actually read our #coffee #packaging PD

Goodson Bros. Coffee Company Inc