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How to Position Yourself as an Expert

Click through to read how you can do these simple strategies to start positioning yourself as an expert.

Are you putting in the 10,000 hours it takes to master your industry or job? Learn how hard work will set you apart in your career! |

7 things you can learn to love that will help you stay motivated in creative #business and in life, via @bmaysdesign

Antes de começar um texto sobre público-alvo é importante entender que é público-alvo e o que é nicho de mercado. Sim, porque são duas coisas diferentes. Nicho de mercado É o produto ou serviço especializado que você oferece ao seu cliente ideal. O seu nicho é o seu “o que” e ele deve ser…Continue lendo

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Craft intentional messages on your website to increase sales and user engagement, content marketing

The Psychology of Color and Your Brand: Infographic

The psychology of color means different colors have different effects on people. This makes color a vital factor in your branding. Learn to optimize it!

Launch it Big, Creating Buzz

Click through to read helpful tips on creating a launch campaign for your new product, service or business.