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PLAYROOM QUOTE: Dr seuss you have brains in your head and feet in your shoes you can steer yourself in any direction you choose wall art wall sayings

Mistakes are proof that you are trying.

From technology rocks.: Sayings & Posters & Quotes OH MY! {Part -- Cute motivational posters!

I have learned that faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.

"We must continue our course with the rest and learn to think ourselves."  Even after the death of my mother, we have come to realize that we must move on with life without her presence physically yet there spiritually.   http://www.gutenberg.org/files/84/84-h/84-h.htm#chap03

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." --Robert Frost (Love this quote!

30 Inspiring Posters To Jazz Up Any Classroom

A quote by Dr. Seuss Saying why fit in when you could stand out. Everyone is always trying to be the same as another person just relax people and do your own thing life will get easier

forgive, be kind, be honest, be happy, do good, and always give your best.

"People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. People may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.For you see, in the end, it is between you and God.


When someone says ‘You’ve Changed’ it simply means you’ve stopped living your life their way.

Steve Jobs. If only we all knew what that was.

I love my job as a CNA/WC right now, but I can't wait to finish school and be a nurse! Words of Wisdom- Steve Jobs