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Guy on the stairs, Berlin, Germany

Piano Steps in Santiago, Chile. I would love to do this to my home stairs!

Urban design is not necessarily boring or super hi-tech or expensive.good idea also for stairs to the floor where our music hall might be (I don't even have a house but know that piano will be there in a big room - for sure!

Rainbow steps

The 26 best cities in the world to see street art! *Rainbow-colored stairs in Istanbul painted by a local man in TURKEY

Cool elevator!  Lmao

The great escalator was made for The Simpsons movie. It features everyone’s favorite dolt chomping down on donuts at the bottom of the escalator. It looks like Homer Simpson eating a veggie burger.

Street Art - Des escaliers très colorés - Valparaiso - Chili

Les 16 escaliers les plus colorés du monde, un régal pour les yeux

20 Escaleras alrededor del mundo que parecen llevar al paraíso ¡Son hermosas!

Stairs of Peace in Syria. Syrian students painted a fantastic pattern on the longest staircase in their town with some very vibrant colors. They hoped the display would produce joyful feelings in the locals who were undergoing hardships.

me-you=sad | stencil on old wood / 85x48cm / 2010 | l.e.t. | Flickr

Having you as my soulmate / wife 'equates' to a happy life for me and I need only for you to be happy and healthy and all our friends and family to be happy and healthy too ❤️

Rainbow Staircase, Istanbul, Turkey A local retiree named Huseyin Cetinel devoted four whole days and almost $1000 out-of-pocket to decorate...

75 places so colorful it’s hard to believe they’re real [pics]

malka architecture uses stacked green pallets to build public arenas in las vegas

the design team sought to create a series of public spaces, providing the opportunity for spontaneous meeting and interaction.

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steps in Paris by Zag & Sia, (LP)