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Could a major hidden cause and solution for Alzheimer's disease be at the end of your fork, or in the beverage you are drinking?

Pain seems to be a constant in today’s modern world. Even when it’s mild, such as a simple tension headache, it can interrupt your daily life. Who can think clearly and finish that paper or pay attention to your kid’s homework when your head is pounding? The bad news? Your work load won’t stop and …

Telepathy, Our Telepathic ability - YouTube ****If you're looking for more Sci Fi, Look out for Nathan Walsh's Dark Science Fiction Novel "Pursuit of the Zodiacs." Launching Soon!****

7 Amazing Uses For Activated Charcoal

Commonly referred to as Active Carbon or simply Carbon, Activated Charcoal is produced from organic materials such as coconut fiber, nutshells, peat, wood, or pitch through one of several processes involving the use of oxygen and high temperatures to open millions of micro-pores within its atomic structure. Because of this highly-porous structure, Activated Charcoal is extremely absorptive making it ideal for a variety of medical,… [read more]

Kohlrabi Fritters From The Wellness Mama Cookbook

These kohlrabi fritters are moist and tender on the inside and delightfully crispy on the outside. And the dill + lemon combination in the creamy avocado sauce? SO GOOD.

Homemade Mascarpone

Never buy the packaged stuff again, you can make your own dreamy creamy mascarpone cheese any time you want!