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babies in lounge chair Sad thing about this Joe, is in 70 years we'll be doing the same thing and still be bald and no teeth and wearing diapers.

this is good advice...and it doesn't mean don't love or don't care - it means be able to love something without dependence or worry that it will disappear to fully enjoy it

I like that

'Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose', the Wisdom of Yoda, the Jedi Buddha, Star Wars.

- http://lolsvillage.com/?p=5097 Yes, a little crude, but laugh, you know you want to!

Invitation - Charity Concert for People Who Struggle to Reach Orgasm: Invitation: We are hosting a charity concert for people who struggle to reach orgasm. If y

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Funny pictures about Katy Perry Without Beard Is a Good Singer. Oh, and cool pics about Katy Perry Without Beard Is a Good Singer. Also, Katy Perry Without Beard Is a Good Singer photos.

Cyanide and Happiness

Cyanide And Happiness Takes On Unrequited Love(when I was little I used to think there were elves up there turning on and off a light switch.

Normally something I wouldn't pin, but sounds like what my response would be. Lol

Apply cold water to the burned area. I want to be this girl's friend.