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My home screen... Whovians will understand. Found an amazing 3D HD active background.

Nerd who? thanks to my bestie Sam: he printed the dice for me only in my favorite color with his amazing 3d printer. #nerdlife #nerds #nerdiness #dices #roleplay #roleplaying #nerdgirls #dungeonsanddragons #d20 #3dprinting #3dprint #goonies #thegoonies by lilamadrigali

This Mario below is very different from those official action figures, it is made and printed by Seigey on a 3D printer and then painted afterwards.

So Boywonder... It was really nice of you to save me and all. I know you did all the work. Yeah, I'm pretty much your biggest fan.... So now that we know each other, you wanna maybe do something this weekend...?

Awesome 3D Coffee Art - Some amazing coffee foam art to go with your morning. If they had been served to me, I wouldnt want to destroy the art by drinking!

3D Animation that highlights the creation of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) -- mobile molecules which store chemical energy derived from the breakdown of carbon-based food. Created by Harvard University and XVIVO

http://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/s480x480/e35/11850339_1497037333941840_814716850_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTA3NzEwNTU5NDQzMDkzNzQ0Mw%3D%3D.2 >>>Bill's gonna fall off and die

When we talk about vandalism, as long as it doesn't involve actual Vandals sacking cities, many people would agree that some acts of vandalism are more funny than they are criminal. And what about culture jamming and public activism? While acts of civil disobedience might include aspects with are technically a crime, should they be judged in the same light?

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