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My home screen... Whovians will understand. Found an amazing 3D HD active background.

Bring the Elven Court in Your Home with this Set of Elven Silverware

Behold! The one set of silverware to rule them all! This Setae flatware set has garnered massive acclaim online for it's distinct design reminiscent of the jewelry worn by the elves in Lord of the Ring. The delicate and intertwining silver strands were cr

Avengers’ Eye Makeup

Avengers’ Eye Makeup-I'd probably never do this myself, mainly because I'd end up looking like a prostitute, but the nerd in me enjoys the idea :)

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman doing the Nerdfighter sign on the set of Sherlock series 3!!!! :D AHHHH LOVE IT!!! Hahaha, except Benedict's not doing the Vulcan salute right and Martin... yeah I don't know what Martin is doing. XD