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Basically<<< yeah pretty much lol

This is how we all feel, sitting in our rooms watching MCR videos and crying

If you like my chemical romance so if you do repost

So hard to think that the people that saved my life wont even make music together anymore. But I will never forget MCR.

I just met this girl who LOVES My Chemical Romance even more than I do, I think. And I'm like "be my friend" playing it cool (I didn't actually say "be my friend")

And sometimes I show people my music and when they like it they're my friends. For example I have a frien who slowly turning emo. I shew him MCR first and he loved it and then tøp p!atd and the others and he loves them.

Yeahhhhhh....  This is accurate.

Gerard way my chemical romance funny my cat loves me<<<ironic how Gee is allergic to cats

Coincidence? I think not! Gerard and Mikey Way

Gerard and Mikey Way<<< My god Mikey is actually smiling😂😂

Yes yes yes

My Chemical Romance, they may be too emo for twilight, but yo gabba gabba is some serious shit