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hides pain

Virgo - Very accurate. Yes, I'll whine about minor little pains that really feel like nothing, but when it comes to large and extreme pain, both mental and emotional, I won't say a word. this is how I handle my fibro and hip and back pain

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Trust me, I'm often harder on myself than others are but I think that fosters a need to keep improving myself.

The reason Virgos don't respond well to criticism is because internally, they are already extremely aware of their own faults and are working on fixing them - they were hoping no one else had noticed them. -- my moon sign, and so true!

Yep. And it sucks to be a Cancer at this point

When a virgo is having a bad day their critical side and bluntness is magnified by ten!

call me petty.....oh well!

Virgos tend to know a lot of things, and of the time they're right.

If I didn't care, I wouldn't bother saying anything. I'd simply let you go on your dumb merry way.

Zodiac Mind - Your source for Zodiac Facts<<<< kind of. Personally if I care about you you'll just know



Just missing the car!

yeah, car and the money to buy it is yet to come, but we will get there for sure.us Virgos

Does it make sense?

Zodiac Virgo facts — Virgo does things that make sense to them. If they don’t see the point, chances are they’re not gonna.