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RTA Studio designs a sustainable mountain lodge at one with its scenic setting in New Zealand

Bezpieczeństwo w dobrym guście - jak oświetlić schody

Bezpieczeństwo w dobrym guście - jak oświetlić schody

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Dramatic stairs, charcoal and gold and the perfect accent lighting. This is a focal point of lighting. It accents the walls and goldish stairs

Las Cositas de Beach & eau: TAPIZADOS/FUNDAS.....en blancos y tonos naturales siempre encajan,siempre limpios.....siempre en mis casas..............................

Love this natural and simple interior. The white fur and burlap/natural linen cushion on the seating bench and that beautiful wood hewn table sealed in a glossy finish. Another attic idea

Il n'y a pas de mal à se faire plaisir même si on est au boulot et qu'on souffre atrocement de ne pas être dans ce lieu paradisiaque . ...

Interior Design, Styling & Experience Conceptby Annabell Kutucu & Michael SchickingerIn collaboration with K-Studio Architects / AthensPhotography by Steve Herud

Missoni outdoor living

Porch and swing from a stone-country-contemporary vacation home built in the heart of the Corsican maquis. "An Arizona air base on the mediterranean.

Insulaire by Numéro111 | Divan

The lounge room as an island in the domestic environment: this is the idea that Numero 111 worked from to elaborate the second Furnishing programme commission, awarded by VIA.