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so tired of girls wearin camo and never wither holdin a gun or shot an animal or sat in the woods from sun up till sun down

Ladies, please read this! This is so true... Don't ever let a boy treat you like you're an inconvenience. Don't pursue him-it's his job to pursue you! You are beautiful and you deserve nothing less!

Zodiac Files: When Aquarius Is Angry. Ha ha ha - I feel this was me this week in particular lol x

Im not scared to honest, but some people are scared to hear the truth, hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie

"She's banged up, mentally and emotionally. Literally and metaphorically. But every day she walks outside with a smile on her face because that's who she is."

When Narcissists Claim to be Victims of Narcissists – Who is the Narcissist? a lie. Only the true narcissist hates the truth. No normal, rational person can ignore the truth. Listen to the way people frame conversations and you'll figure it out. It may take awhile to put the pieces together, but never doubt your gut. There are some guys in this world who will invent bullcrap about their exes in order to look more appealing. (And women will do this too, guys! Their act is usually the damsel in distress, battered woman act.) Avoid! Period.

Words to live by, especially for us textured hair people. Just because our hair does not fit the mainstream idea of good hair, does not mean it's bad. Loves this positive post!!