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Minimalist cartoon characters are all the rage right now (see here, here, and here), so here are some more. I went with an egg shape. Children's design tends toward rounded corners and the egg shap...

My family thought we were alone with my cousins in a cabin and we turned around halfway through to see another family right there sitting quietly... after they got off we were alone and talking really loud lol

Disney says that "guests can see that each of Cinderella's stepsisters appears with her own special facial tint. One sister displays a red tint to show that she is 'red with rage,' while the other sister displays a green tint to show that she is 'green with envy,' as they both watch Cinderella try on the glass slipper to reveal a perfect fit."

Fantasmic! to test FASTPASS this week! That could be a great solution to the current problem of having to wait in line for as long as 2 hours in order to get a good seat. (And yes -- my crazy family and I have done that ... but this show is THAT good)! Probably our favorite evening spectacular (but they're all great, so it's hard to say for sure).

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