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To make it big in the dance music industry you need more than just great music. You need to play at the best events. You need to release music on top labels. You need an engaged fanbase. You need a brand.

By popular demand : Facebook Page Design 101

How to create Facebook custom tabs. More Facebook info at #573tips

Cross Promoting Social Media Platforms to Build Your Audience

Cross-promoting your business’s social media platforms is a simple way to utilize your current followers to expand your audience - without spending a dime.

[Infographic] Eventbrite Releases New Report on the Anomalous Fan Base of EDM

[Infographic] Eventbrite Releases New Report on the Anomalous Fan Base of EDM

It’s very simple: face-to-face networking is invaluable to your career. This can apply to anyone starting out as an artist in the music business; there are no real exceptions to this, be you a DJ, songwriter, producer or act.

Since 2008, Bandcamp has catered to both musicians and fans alike. In those last five years, artists have made over $54 million through Bandcamp sales.

DJs often neglect their artist bio. However if you want to be taken seriously as an artist you will at some point have to write a proper biography for yourself. This is especially important for new artists who are looking to get gigs or get signed to a record label. A badly written artist bio will make you seem like an amateur, or worse, even damage your reputation.

It’s no secret that Avicii has had to defend his genre mashing remixes of bluegrass vocals with electronic dance music, but what you might not know is that some users have not been too thrilled with part one of his #TrueReveal album launch. However, part two of the campaign, which runs via Instagram aims to connect more deeply with Avicii fans and has already generated over 3000 tweets from the short video and photo sharing network.