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So funny!!:)

country girls shake it for luke bryan ❤❤❤

Teehee I'd shake it for Luke Bryan whenever he asks!!

Teehee I'd shake it for Luke Bryan whenever he asks!


YESSSS in order Girl (shake it for me) -Luke Bryan Chesney your love the most-Eric Church

Luke bryan

Keep Calm and Shake It for Luke Bryan :) This made me smile b/c Logan walks around singing Shake it for me girl!

lil wayne

Luke Bryan Drinking Game, haha funny and so true

@Kirstie Malley Malley Malley Russell, better start gettin' your cowgirl on and be ready to shake it for him on March 3rd!

Redneck Tips - true

Southern Belle Secrets #6: It's tea, not sweet tea. It should always come sweet

This statement is soo true for the south! There is no such thing as unsweetened tea. In my world, unsweet tea is simply unfinished tea!

What men know about women…

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Exactly!  Fell in love a little more when he came inside and was singing a country song from the radio cause it was stuck in his head♥

i like this quote but a guy who listen to good music is extremely attractive

Trace Atkins. Ladies Love Country Boys.

"You can raise her up a lady but theres one thing, you just cant avoid, ladies love country boys. They love us country boys"

That's my life!!!

Keep calm roll one

30 days and 30 nights, been puttin up a real good fight/and there were times I thought you'd win/It's so easy to forget/the bitter taste the mornin left/swore I'd never go back there again.

You & Tequilla ~ Kenny Chesney

I can't stop laughing...<<< what even lol<< "Violently folds pair of khakis" BAHAHA

The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

<<< what even lol<< "Violently folds pair of khakis" BAHAHA《 "worried a serial killer will jump out from behind my shower and start reading twilight to me" LOLLL

or my butt.. whichever is closer..

Dear extra fat in my body, Find your way to my boobs or GTFO

When was a cityboy ever better than a cowboy? NEVER!!

ladies love their country boys city boys aint all that bad but country boys are better ;

Drunk on you <3

Drunk on You- Luke Bryan