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The mandatory responsibilities as per the latest #Canadian citizenship draft include honoring treaties with native nationals, filling out the census, paying taxes, serving on jury and obeying the law

Rolling Stone's latest front cover features Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and asks readers, "why can't he be our president?

Military Veterans Need More Accessible Addiction Treatment

Pacific Bay Recovery was founded in 2012 in the picturesque Mission Bay area of San Diego. The organization offers detox, residential and outpatient care to adult men and women seeking substance abuse treatment.

Grandmother With Terminal Cancer Jailed for Traces of THC

The woman was using a prescribed, synthetic form of THC to enhance her appetite while she underwent chemo.

Trump Taps Chris Christie To Lead Opioid Crisis Panel

The commission will recommend possible solutions to President Trump about how to address the opioid crisis.

If my dad died today I would have no regrets and here's why

If my dad died today I would have no regrets and here's why

In your most precious relationships, are you ready to say goodbye?

What the AHCA Means for Addiction Treatment

Senate Healthcare Bill Could Cut Addiction Treatment for Millions of Patients

Morning Roundup: Apr. 24 2017

MusiCares hosts addiction recovery panel with Bad Company's Simon Kirke, Philly removes MAT barriers, Trump advisers call for expanded opioid treatment.

Meeting the Needs of Women in Recovery

The Worthy Women Recovery Home provides a soft-landing after incarceration, one that is designed to help women deal with the social, cultural, and mental issues that usually lead to re-arrest.

One-Woman Show 'Drunk With Hope' Chronicles Recovery From Alcoholism

The play takes a look inside the lives of a variety women and their battles with alcoholism and subsequent recovery.

Japan Governments Anti-Smoking Message Undercut by Massive Tobacco Income

Opponents of an indoor smoking ban point out the hypocrisy of an anti-smoking bill by a government that makes billions off tobacco sales a year.

Tiger Woods blames medication for DUI charge, says alcohol a non-factor

The mixed race monkey golfer Tiger Woods has been arrested for driving under the influence. 1 golfer Tiger Woods was arrested in South Florida e…

Man arrested at Bonnaroo with thousands of fake drugs

— A man accused of bringing more than a thousand doses of fake drugs to the Bonnaroo music festival said he was doing "God's Work" with the bogus substances, Tennessee authorities said Thursday.The Coffee County Sheriff's Department.

Carrie Fisher Had Illicit Drug Cocktail In Her System Toxicology Report Shows

The iconic actress passed away in late December a few days after being discovered unconscious on an airline flight.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons Has a Synthetic Marijuana Problem

The Virginia prison system is instituting a variety of new measures to keep drugs from being smuggled into prisons.

New Study Will Help Get Correctional Officers The Mental Health Services They Need

One in nine correctional officers surveyed say they have contemplated or attempted suicide.