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A arte tridimensional de Shintaro Ohata

My 2 thoughts when I see statues: "this is amazing!" and "is that statue following me?"

Fun fact: when marble is touched by someone's hard it leaves a bit of an oil deposit on the marble, and if enough people touch it, it gets a yellowish tint to it.


Les extraordinaires peintures en trois dimensions de Shintaro Ohata

Damn I wish I could do this to all the books at Goodwill, By Maskull Lasserre

Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

This guy glues/smashes books together, then carves them in to freaky stuff. This is fucken' awesome!

Bold and Creative Packaging Designs by Illustrator Kendrick Kidd

Amazing Paintings & Sculpture Combinations by Shintaro Ohata

Visual Reprise: Paintings Amazing paintings that defies tradition. Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata fuses his paintings with his color-perfect sculptures. These compositions make for quite the compelling installation.

Lego Man by quantumgeek

Nathan Sawaya is an artist who creates pretty amazing sculptures out of LEGO bricks. And they're not just recreations of objects, like a car or a building, but actual creative sculptures. Although none of them compare to my LEGO.

3D Shintaro Ohata 10

The art of 3D Shintaro Ohata

Shintaro Ohata, sculptures popping out of paintings - Ego - AlterEgo

Ohata-Art-Geekness (13)

A arte tridimensional de Shintaro Ohata

Artist Shintaro Ohata blends sculptures and paintings to create artworks

Sentido de la vida - Meaning of Life

The works of Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata are a subtle mix of paintings and sculptures, playing beautifully with the ambiant light.

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conrad jon godly (The Jealous Curator)

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// conrad jon godly - Conrad Jon Godly, these paintings even have my name on them!

ほんのり灯る3Dペインティング 大畑 伸太郎 (Shintaro Ohata):DDN JAPAN

ほんのり灯る3Dペインティング 大畑 伸太郎 (Shintaro Ohata

Sculptures Popping Out of Paintings - Shintaro Ohata - Yukari Art Contemprary in Tokyo