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Read "suicide and self harm quotes - COMMENT DOWN BELOW IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN CALLED" #wattpad #non-fiction

Read "suicide and self harm quotes - COMMENT DOWN BELOW IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN CALLED" #wattpad #non-fiction

"A wise man once said that 'not all who wander are lost'." She smiles, the wrinkles around the edges of her mouth crinkling. "There's a reason why he's revered as a wise man. He was right. Your feet will take you where your heart is, sweetie."

Another Pinner-"if we looked up from silver screens and plasma tubes,to gaze at the unfathomable expanse of the universe, witnessing the dance of constellations and meteorites, the destruction of Supernova’s, and the brilliance of a Nebula’s birth, would

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The Secret Lives Of Men. Thank you to all the men who have bared their hearts and souls. If we can all get a little closer to the truth and stop weaving this web of lies the BULLSHIT in this world will cease to OWN US. Awesome article by Kelly Marceau.

"passion... even if the passion is mixed with fear, setbacks, confusion... but whatever you do, let your no be a no and your yes be a yes. No bells and whistles, just honesty. No one is expecting perfection, but they do expect humility".... Well said.

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Sometimes people just need to hear that it's ok. It's ok to make a mistake. It's ok if you're not perfect. It's ok to miss someone. It's ok to cry. It's ok to be different. <---- I'm doing most of those things right now. Thank you, random citizen.

sometimes, randomly i just feel really blessed and find myself smiling without realizing, i havnt told anyone because i cant even explain what it is... maybe its just clear, for a split second, that i will be okay eventually and it will all work out.