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Shintaro Kago - Imgur

Shintaro Kago

Shintaro Kago is a Japanese artist who is best known for his guro manga. His art is perverse and humorous, and often deals with extreme sexual themes. He has a very graphic style, typical of manga, with an overblown pop styling to it.

Use cans of soup as planters. As if Andy Worhol was into plants.

99 Great Ideas to display Houseplants

Indoor plants decoration makes your living space more comfortable, breathable, and luxurious. See these 99 ideas on how to display houseplants for inspiration.

Three Minutes to Nirvana - Eugenia's Collages

"Yo, what chu smoking?" "No fucking idea ¯_(ツ)_/¯ But it's lit!~" (Three Minutes to Nirvana - Eugenia's Collages)


Giacomo Carmagnola is an artist from Treviso, Italy who creates creepy, glitches photo manipulations. Giacomo starts with classics works, ranging from photographs and art to film stills and turns them into something fresh with Photoshop.

free andy warhol labels to download

Use pull tab cans, can-open the bottom, shove goodies, re-glue bottom.another pinner said: DIY Free Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Inspired Labels.

James Dean + Andy Warhol on Behance

Very powerful icon within the movie industry, known for 'wooing' the women within the decade; the use of subtle tone that Warhol uses on the side of his face changes the picture well, comparing to the Michael Jackson on