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Hetalia Real Life - America by on @deviantART Base: Chace Crawford

I don't really accept this one but it sill makes me super happy!

I love how America's character can go from being this super goofy, geeky, hero to an angel faced criminal.

EEEEEE!!! he reminds me of well...himself acting so kawaiii!!! guirhesihortgpndsbuspiudt ALFRED OVERLOADDDD.

arthur kirkland matthew williams Alfred F. Jones APH CANADA APH AMERICA aph england francis bonnefoy APH France FACE Family hiatus queue dee

APH America, USA, Alfred F. Jones ---- Seguro esta viendo a Inglaterra +w+

Aph America - 2016 elections << thank you somebody finally drew it out. I want everybody out there who thinks America is racist and idiotic for electing Trump as president to stop and remember, the popular vote went to Hillary. She's not much better, but at least she isn't a sexist pedophile.