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Sealand bothering England..everyone knows they're adorable, it's like England's last chance to be a big brother

Hetalia - England / Sealand <<< awww big and little brother.

Hong Kong and England outfit switch. ENGLAND IS ADORABLE.

Hong Kong and England Outfit swap, Hetalia— I must say, Hong Kong looks so professional and cool!<<<Hong Kong always looks cool

「VSスペード【味音痴/腐】」/「アオハラ」の漫画 [pixiv]

「VSスペード【味音痴/腐】」/「アオハラ」の漫画 [pixiv]

F♥ck you USA

I am applauding Russia, Belarus, and China. Take that, America! ^J^ <<< Aww poor America though XD<< Haha take that Papa! Rochu and Sister strikes again!