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United Underworld: Who Is Batman Greatest Arch-Villain? [Poll] - 50 years old today, the classic Batman TV series was one of the greatest comics adaptations ever made. But who was the best villain in its gallery of rogues?

Petticoat Junction - The opening scenes with the train and water tower were filmed  right down the road at Railtown.

Petticoat Junction There's a little Hotel called the Shady Rest at the junction. That's Uncle Joe and he's moving kind of slow at the junction, Petticoat Junction! (Next town over from Hooterville!

Go to the Head of the Class

Vintage game "Go to the Head of the Class" place markers. I loved this game It tested some intelligence and made you at least think instead of some of the mindless games I play today.

SNL original 1975 cast - Imgur

SNL original 1975 cast

toy biz action figures | Batman Action Figure (1989 Toy Biz) comic books

"Bob", the Joker's henchman, from the 1989 toy line for the "Batman" movie

Mission Impossible, 1966-1973

Mission Impossible Task Force : Barbara Bain as Cinnamon Carter, Martin Landau as Rollin Hand, Peter Graves as Jim Phelps, Greg Morris as Barney Collins and Peter Lupus as Willy Armitage. Wasn't Bain married to Martin Landau?

Growing up this was the show I wanted to be on (pre Vicki). The Love Boat.

The Love Boat Season 1, Volume 1

Growing up this was the show I wanted to be on (pre Vicki). The Love Boat. - I was on the cusp of being old enough to go out, but not old enough yet and I so remember watching and loving this show. this show made me want to take a cruise.

fHappy Days

1970s FAVORITE TV SHOWS - a list by ekcartoons

"Happy Days" TV show was one of the more popular TV series, depicting life in the

My Two Dads. Back in the days where nobody would associate this with a gay family.

My 2 Dads - one of my all-time favorites when I was a kid!