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FROZEN DEW DROPS Photograph by Alistair Campbell (Alliec on deviantART) In this stunning macro photograph by Alistair Campbell, we see frozen dew drops in the morning. via Twisted Sifter

40 Macro Photography of Water Drops

Sky In Raindrop~Very Beautiful and creative macro photography of water and dew drops by very very talented photographers. These little things are really beautiful to see. All Artworks and artists profiles are properly linked back.

"life is like a dew drop on a blade of grass"seen in the morning. When the sun shines the dew drop disappears. Buddha. True,,,,,,,,Let us be encouraged to contemplate in the impermanence of life.

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Hush. On the edge Of the woods I do not hear Words which you call Human; but I hear Words which are newer Spoken by droplets and leaves Far away. Listen ~ G. D'annunzio, The Rain in the Pinewood