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Thranduil is my Hero by Andesharnais

Thranduil has been through a LOT. He witnessed the loss of his father…

For those who don't know who #Thranduil is by MINASANNOINU

Cool facts about Thranduil. Also, Legolas did have an older brother who was heir to the throne of Mirkwood.

#LeePace stunning as #Thranduil behind the scenes.

And I want to be buried in a graveyard with all the other Hobbit fans okay. December It's over. All ove.

I hate this scene with a passion. Aragorn was a child in Rivendell during The Hobbit!

Being vague can sound like wisdom

The reason why Elves speak with riddles. Love you both Thranduil and Legolas.you too Aragorn.