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A reconstruction of York Castle, a good example of a stone keep castle

What was so special about Stone Castles?

The Evolution of Castle Design step by step; from Motte and Bailey Castles to the great Stone Castles

Pontefract Castle of John de Lacy 2° Earl of Lincoln Magna Carta Surety

Pontefract Castle - any personal attachment Richard may have felt to Middleham was likely mitigated in his adulthood, as surviving records demonstrate he spent less time there than at Barnard Castle and Pontefract

Castle Overview by *J-Humphries on deviantART castle itself is small, balcony, on a manmade hill in a man made lake connected to another manmade island, what is in square buildings above and below?  houses by castle, curved path to dock with boat, upper level around circle. 4

Castle Overview by *J-Humphries on deviantART castle itself is small, balcony…

Givendale Head Towerhouse Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the castle Buchegg with the extensive Vorburg by Joe Rohrer, 2013 - Buchegg Castle is a castle in the Swiss municipality of Kyburg-Buchegg in the canton of Solothurn, Switzerland.

Evolution of the Castle

The evolution of the castles in the Iron Age period that arose from the walled, fortified confines of the medieval villages to ward off the invading attackers of old.

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Border Fortress w walled village hilltop farmland ВИК «Волчий Кряж