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touchdisky: “ by HaleyHyatt ”

"Georgia is the location for this almost terrifying mammatus sunrise. The deep red and yellow was likened to the inside of a volcano, and the fast moving clouds swept along a giant flock of buzzards on their thermals. Apocalyptic indeed.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor wolken

An amazing compilation of worlds rarest and most beautiful cloud formations.

At least one tornado touched down near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan yesterday. Description from awd1970.wordpress.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Mammatus clouds were spotted in Regina and Moose Jaw Tuesday evening after severe weather including tornadoes.


“Extremely well developed mammatus clouds bubble downward from the anvil in NW Oklahoma in June Photo by Gene Rhoden

This is what happens when lightning strikes sand. | "How amazing! From a distance, it looks as though there are people sitting on a log!" -LJ

Fulgurite - Sand hit by lightning. This picture is not Fulgurite by the way.This is a stick with wet sand on it.Fulgurite is usually found in the ground where lightning has struck and is usually very small glass tubules.


imalikshake: “ imalikshake: Sunset Lenticularity By David Cartier “ “The area between Kluane Lake and Haines Junction, Yukon, skirting the great cordillera of the Wrangell / St. range, is commonly productive of these stacked lenticular.