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JESUS. Ask him to come in and he will. quotes #words #wisdom #inspiration

You are your greatest resource. You are the one that holds that inner strength to get you through each day.


Quote/Unquote: When life puts you in tough situations, don’t say “why me”, say “try me”.

This is probably the one quote that is the most true in life.


my black belt wasnt easy but it was worth it. straight As wasnt easy but it was worth it. playing my cello isnt easy but its worth it.

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The Legal System

Great quote for weight loss, careers, relationships and so on. The Good Vibe - Inspirational Picture Quotes : Photo

What you want

Id really like to believe this is true, so I am all ears and just waiting, cause I am about to move real far where is warm

Everything in life is easier when you don't concern yourself with what everybody else is doing. | Danielle Dowling

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“Everything in life is easier when you don’t concern yourself with what everybody else is doing.

12 Rules of Inner Confidence: Owning your Amazing | Stratejoy

When you're busy creating your own fulfilment, you won't feel the need to seek it from others. (The Home of picture quotes)


Examine what you tolerate. Or suffer that which is eventually intolerable! Even for Sheeple there is that which is discovered too late to be intolerable! Just Saying, examine what you tolerate!

So far I've been right on sometimes good sometimes bad but what can you do , just take it for what it is , analyze and move forward

That thing we call intuition? It’s your soul. You can trust it.