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“The Mego Tricorder is an honest to goodness working Tape Recorder, cleverly disguised as Mr Spock’s favorite tool… The tape is 30 minutes of “The Menagerie” and on the other side, space sounds.

Concept art for a story I have in mind, called Star Trek: Cataclysm -- it features a post-post-apocalyptic scenery, with the Federation long gone, Earth is a wasteland and the remnants of Humankind...

Earthship Enterprise - "Dust and grime" by thefirstfleet Digital Art / Art / Scenes / Futuristic & Sci-Fi

The Next Generation - The Fall 2 - Der Karminrote Schatten - Coverentwurf von Cross Cult

usscucuboth: “ Cover art (by Martin Frei) for the Star Trek novel ‘The Crimson Shadow’(by Una McCormack) ”