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2014 Edition - Page 107 - Polycount Forum


Based on the proven design of the well-known Bison, Quicksilver Industries decided to take their own twist on it.

martian blaster ray gun

When I was a kid, I really wanted to be Marvin the Martin. No, not because of his stylish scrub-brush headgear or his oversize clown shoes. Nope, it was the awesome destructive power of his ACME Ray Gun that I envied.

ArtStation - Revolver, Deepak Nair

This is a revolver I did from top of my head. I didn't want to make a generic design, so I had complete freedom to make it my own. Inspired by Magnum revolver.

ArtStation - Gauss revolver design, Paweł Szczyrbak

ArtStation - Gauss revolver design, Paweł Szczyrbak

SWBF - Bryar Pistol, ERIK RADING on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nNz6e

One of the weapons I made while I was an intern at DICE. I was also responsible for the concept and marketing renders. Rendered in Frostbite Engine.

Фотографии CONCEPT ART – 47 альбомов

Kirika's Semi-automatic Energy Shotgun,Semi-Automatic, With Increased Range

Nukleus by mrhd.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Handgun design for fun. That round thing looking like a watch is a monokular you need to wear for proper handling this gun, it is part of the scope.

ArtStation - Revolver, Denis G

ArtStation - Revolver, Denis G

Concept gun - sci-fi handgun/pistol: Section Reno Levi on ArtStation at…