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The Cutest Baby happy Pictures

this is one of the sweetest baby pictures i have ever seen. such a cutie!!

He looks like a baby Heath Ledger

Oh, gosh, this sooo reminds me of my son when he was little and would laugh until he couldn't breathe!

baby - Belly Laughs - holding stomach - laughing - diaper - black and white photo - PIN MIX

Hajni Nagy photos.

Hajni Nagy photos.

Sogni d'oro❤️

sweet baby wearing purple crochet hat in a painted bucket.

This personifies how I feel most mornings I have to wake up early.

My Sister has the funniest face kids.


Shooting at a shallow depth of field (around to allows you to get the eyes in sharp focus while softening the remainder of the image. This really allows the eyes to pop in your image!

Trisha David Photography - Kids

This kids kinda cute :)

Cute Baby the real beauty

baby Makhani

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