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One Direction One Direction One Direction

One Direction: the hilarious ness of Niall pointing. Zayn and Liam are like screw it I'm lookin at the camera. Louis and Harry of course look where Niall points.

There smiles can make you fall In love!(:

One Direction; The Official Annual 2013 and Free Wristband. I will have this.

I luv one direction

One Direction! My favorite band. And of course my friend's favorite band.

I miss Liam and Harry's curly hair.

Liam Payne Harry Styles hey Liam Payne I know you are getting crush on me right

One Direction- I love all of their smiles in this one!

lou's face, and him playing with zayns ears, and liam playing with harry's hair.haha this is grand. they are grand

My husbands ☺

My husbands ☺