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it's hard & tough loving a military man, but if i couldn't do it God wouldn't have made us a couple. I love my Airman

<3 I do!   I know Andrew glances over my Pinterst once in a while, so maybe he'll see this! (:

Is it totally Obvi that my dream/obsession is to be an Army wife? Strongest women known to man in my opinion. Military Men = SO ATTRACTIVE 😍👍🇺🇸

Military spouse

chasing hoebags: It really isn't that hard to be faithful. If you seriously have to have attention from a man - then you definitely do NOT need to be married to a Military man.TRUTH (Girlfriend, still the same)

It is soooooo difficult!!

It is soooooo difficult!!

We should NEVER take anything for granted.  We need to stop complaining about what we need to do, because I can tell you this much, Military life is a hundred times harder than civilian life.  God bless!!!


remember what they've been through. While we sit here and argue about the simple things our soldiers are being asked to walk though Hell with a smile. God bless our troops past and present.

he risks his life for people he doesn't even know; imagine what he'd do for me!

I'm a nervous wreck everyday he goes to work but I know that's his job and he is a hero to so many. Such is the life of a fire fighter.

loving a military man :) Brittany Naves via Cheyenna Walton onto Things I learned from being a military girlfriend, fiancée wife

Military Man