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I don't understand how some women have 20 plus bridesmaids. I don't even like that many people. | Wedding Ecard | someecards.com

and I am sure the bride with 20 bridesmaids doesn't have 20 real girlfriends

If only I could actually tell some people this...

All these anti-welfare things piss me off. Do people really think pointing it out is going to help things? Maybe you should be the change you want to se in the world. Figure out why those people are on welfare in the first place.

This looks and sounds familiar haha

do you remember that time Toby brought over the booze for pregame and it was that awful Spark stuff mixed with some kind of hard liquor? It was the most disgusting thing ever but we sure choked down every last sip of it anyway

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 83 Pics

"Listen, if I am going to stop my car in the middle of the street to let you cross, you had better hustle & wave, dammit! Feel the burn or feel my bumper." - YOUR ECARDS - funny

Ha Ha! Funny! LOL! // The self checkout lane was invented by a man who was sent to the store to buy tampons.

There's probably a lot of truth in this statement. I go there when i don't want the judging looks of what i bought. so what if i bought chocolate, ice cream, sweatpants, tissues and the latest Nicholas Sparks book?

Oh I didn't tell you? Must have been none of your business then ...

omg thats so me! My mom even asked one time why do ppl like you when ur so mean? I said because people do what i say and then laugh. I think i'm magic really lol

When someone yells "STOP"..best e-card ever! :) Hahahaha

When someone yells "STOP", I never know if its in the name of love, it’s Hammertime, or I should collaborate and listen… best e-card ever!