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Copper Illusion 2, 11086 by Carol Nelson mixed media ~ rusty oranges with turquoise accents

"Copper Illusion II" by Carol Nelson - mixed media painting on panel , textured with faux copper glazed aluminum foil and iron texture acrylic medium

Color of the Day: Green

oil stain floating on water - transparent green

wood grain

White textured wall detail gabrielle judd page fractals, fossils

Rainbow eucalyptus tree bark

eucalyptus deglupta Rainbow eucalyptus tree bark Another of Mother Nature's lovely designs!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor tekenen belichtingen van verschillende kanten

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor tekenen belichtingen van verschillende kanten

Great website with PPT's and YouTube Videos about line and texture - videos of Durer, Van Gogh

Focus on the Arts Texture Lesson: 40 visual textures

Texture Inspiration

Nuno Felted Textiles Design with bonded fabrics & fibres - texturing technique;

Whipped to Perfection - House Of Brinson -

Whipped to Perfection

Whipped to Perfection - House Of Brinson -

Opdracht 2: Textuur, Pineapple Texture 01 by lostwinterborn-stock

Free Image on Pixabay - Pineapple, Skin, Fruit, Tropical



Alloy: a mixture or metallic solid solution composed of 2 or more elements; ex: solder, brass, pewter, phosphor bronze, amalgam

Steel framing will support the glass dome.

A Snapshot From Rezanator's Visual Set For CCRMA's Modulation Show.

Texture triangle N&B

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element ceramics by heather knight - Google Search

Element Clay Studio – Ceramics by Heather Knight

Gorgeous textures in clay handmade by artist Heather Knight. These wall tiles are each individually made by Heather. Available on Element Clay’s website or Oracle Jr’s favorite shoppi…