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NaLu story part 4 ( Page 1) by smaliorsha on DeviantArt

Hope it's better now The plot starts in the guild, Lucy just entered. Natsu talking with Romeo . NaLu story part 4 ( Page

i went to the beach for four days and i just drawed this

Some feels I needed to get out of my chest ; (c) Fairy Tail - Hiro Mashima Art by me. Do NOT repost without credit.

Fairy Tail Doujinshi Love Affairs Pg14 by Karola2712

(their faces are so close to each other. JUST KISS ALREADY! (read it from left to right) LINK: pre.

NaLu story part 4 ( page 2 ) by smaliorsha on DeviantArt

I hope you will like it though It was second time i was drawing Gray ever so Gray fans plea. NaLu story part 4 ( page 5 )

Poor Grey and his undressing habit-chu

Gray now your teaching your habits to women? And Lucy Gray strips down to just his undies not to full nakedness.

My dear daughter, Lucy...at some point you will learn that the hardest part about being a Celestial Mage isn't about opening a gate, it's about closing one, when you are not yet ready to say goodbye, sad, text, Wendy, Gajeel, Rogue, Sting, Natsu, Lucy, crying; Fairy Tail

Gate closed (Spoilers of the new chapter. by blanania on DeviantArt It feels like an spoiler! this is so sad!

I promise! by zippi44 on DeviantArt This made me so happy but i couldn't help but cry bc it was so touching for me

It will never ever happen. First why would Lucy or Natsu die! N besides it's too not Fairy Tail. I don't ship NaLu n don't want this to happen. WHY DON'T YOU SHIP NALU

NaLu story part 3 (page 2) by smaliorsha on DeviantArt

Hello, here is page of my NaLu story part I want this to be in better quality so im gonna do the lines with pc. Since i don't have tablet yet i need people to help me out with the lines so t.

Voy a incendiar algo que amas. *chasquido* ¿D-De verdad? NaLu Natsu Lucy Fairy Tail

Just a nalu meme by Giupear on DeviantArt >>i can her lucy saying 'of course you idiot'. I can hear her

Natsu x Lucy Doujinshi PART 45 by cheeryY.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I'm so happy that I made this page fast hehe! Page NEXT Images, Characters (c) Hiro Mashima --> yes i don't draw it! If you see this first time g. Natsu x Lucy Doujinshi PART 45