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1908393_806321652733044_4439651993561559300_n.jpg 593×425 pixels

Star Wars TIE Fighters Wall Hangings made from old vinyl - Darth Vader and Wingmen. $95.00, via Etsy.

Star Wars TIE Fighters Wall Hangings made

Looks like another angle of the record-tying three pointer (269). Congratulations to Stephen Curry for nailing down the all-time record for most three-pointers in a single season (272) (April 17, 2013 | Golden State Warriors @ Portland Trail Blazers | The Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon)

Known for his sharpshooting abilities, Curry added to his personal legend and set a new single-season NBA record with 272 made Curry eclipsed the record, previously set by Ray Allen in 1996 in the last game of the regular season in Portland.

The Glory Gang, with absolutely no-self esteem problems according to their hairdresser. Nice, but me, I preferred their first album - "Nice Guys Can Be Right C*nts Too!"

Correction: Nice Guy's Knee High Tube Socks Finish First.

Love Chicken Vinyl Window Decal / Sticker by WestGaVinyls on Etsy

Chicken Vinyl Decal / Sticker ~ Available in 24 colors ~ love

bad album cover Stay back....he's about to get furious

Hint for the Day: If you ever see a man dressed like this, run away as fast as you can, JUST RUN! Orion – ‘Reborn’: He looks like a gimp in camp Elvis drag. Very disturbing.

Or "Cross-eyed for Castro"

Crank Up 22 Creepy Bad Album Covers!

More crazy funny album covers from the bad album cover art hall of fame. Classic vinyl LP cover gems of the weird & strange make creepy records & artists seem