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Ok but the one about Eliza that's obviously from the world was wide enough. Rip me <---- actually it was from a cut song entirely that was rewritten as The World Was Wide Enough. It's called Ten Things One Thing. Look it up, it's soooo heart shattering

Finally I can post this, before it said a curse word -ha ha why did you even take it out in the first place it was fineeee the way it twas-

I think Burr would prefer Hell over Heaven w Hamilton, tbh<<< Burr was actually an atheist, so he wouldn't be at the pearly gates in the first place

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✨For more amazing pins✨ Follow me @Amara Shippee

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Medium: hold on. George Washington just told them both to stfu

Hamilton. lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

Omg so I was reading about this and apparently it it Lin's shout out to Leslie Knope because he thought it would be the kind of thing she would do.

I remember this story. Hilarious.

I mean, to be fair, people thought they were poisonous because they used to eat them off lead plates and would die of lead poisoning.