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Put wax paper on the tops of your cabinets. A few times a year, take it down and replace it.

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Top 68 Lifehacks and Clever Ideas that Will Make Your Life Easier - DIY Beach Safe - Keep your keys, wallet, and stuff safe at the beach by putting them in an old sunscreen bottle.

14 Unexpected Dishwasher Hacks to Clean Everything

14 Unexpected Dishwasher Hacks to Clean Everything


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Equal parts vinegar and dish soap in a scrubby to wash the tub after each use.  Find a dish wand with a hole in the end so it can be hung right in the tub.

What You Need: Dish Wand (got mine at the dollar store!) Dish Soap Vinegar Simply fill your wand with half soap and half vinegar. Shake it up and get cleaning! I hung mine up in the shower using a suction cup/hook thing

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FUNNIEST THING EVER: foolproof anti-theft device = maxi pad wrapper! "Ladies: a wallet that will never be stolen from your purse or How to hide money from the man and kids in your life. This is so funny!