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Dorks can be hot : fact ^ - Dean Winchester - Jensen Ackles - Supernatural gif

I feel like I just caught Dean Winchester dancing in his room, and then he sees me staring and tries to act cool about it

Oh yes, yes it did. Pretty sure my loving husband reached over and wiped the drool off my chin. I'm not ashamed.

Well my inner fangirl lost it before, but yeah . I go crazy for men in well tailored suits. and this is DEAN in a well tailored suit.

Too cute!!

This may be the cutest thing I've ever seen--- PINNERS BEWARE! This cuteness will light up your notification icon literally all day every day! This melted my heart

That shirt

Demon Dean better be coming back! I actually kind of miss him! Haha<<Demon Dean was like souless same. Sexy as he'll and short lived.


This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

Is it just me or does it kind of look like dean's having a conversation with his twin brother?