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This is too real not to be real

Donald Trump: Trump/Oprah Ticket Would Be Unstoppable In White House Race Donald Trump

The germans got it right... ~~ ~Funny Pics Memes ~~ ~~ donald trump newspaper face scream

33 Funny Pics & Memes of the Insanely Nutty

You'd be in JAIL! Everyone knows she should be in jail. Crazy corruption going on! Vote Trump make politicians accountable for their behavior!

That's right Hillary. NOBODY should be above the law! Join the Trump Revolution! Your vote for Trump is a vote AGAINST Hillary, the status quo and Washington corruption.

Funny Meme About Donald Trump vs. News Papers

This is completely stupid! No matter who the president is, you souls respect him/her no matter is you voted for them or not! I'm not old enough to vote yet, but I'm going to promise you I'm more mature than of adults! GROW UP PEOPLE!

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump Announces His Pick For Attorney General....Trey Gowdy ⋆ UFP NEWS

Thank you Mr Trump for stirring up the issues and stomping political correct attitudes. But we need a president to lead with character and respect. For me that will be Fiorino or Rubio. But in the end, ANYONE but Hillary.

Donald Trump Deleted Tweet

Whelp, you heard the moron. Let's get out the guns he fought oh so stupidly to protect.

If you photoshop Donald Trump's lips onto his eyes, he looks exactly the same.

If you photoshop Donald Trump’s lips onto his eyes, he looks exactly the same.