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A wonder of the atomic age! We'll probably have these things by the 1980s.

retro-futurisme: “The February, 1946 issue of Amazing Stories magazine included an illustration by James B. Settles which depicts a somewhat peculiar leisure vehicle of the future.

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We Dare You to Not Laugh at These Vintage Visions of the Future -

Future Past Bachelor Pad- A pinball machine in the swimming pool? Best Idea Ever!

Frank R. Paul (1884–1963) - The 35th Millennium, Wonder Stories cover, August 1931

Frank R. Paul (American, The Millennium, Wonder Stories pulp magazine cover, August 1931 Mixed - Available at 2016 April 26 Illustration Art.

Ford FX Atmos 1954 concept car Car Life Magazine July 1954 ONE of the wildest “dream” cars ever to roll out of a Michigan experimental laboratory is the creature shown above

So this is how to avoid those pesky traffic fines! Car Life, July 1954 - Atomic car coming?

https://flic.kr/p/u6jSvC | 1957 ... Copter Cops! | artist - Frank Tinsley

https://flic.kr/p/u6jSvC | 1957 ... Copter Cops! | artist - Frank Tinsley

CAR SHOES! Gasoline powered with MODEL CAR ENGINES! Lady is using throttle cables. Car shoes were produced in Germany by NSU. Note German plates on 1951 bug in background. FREAK RIDES consultant Wally corrected previous caption which I used out of ignorance.

Boing Boing on

Motorized ‘Skates’ By NSU Motorcycles, July 1952 - The skates were controlled by a hand throttle connected to each ‘power’ unit, a two-stroke engine fit to each ‘shell’. Top speed: (image via the US Scooter Museum)

Retro Future: A Gallery of Futuristic Illustrations from the Past | Stuff You Should Know

Ever since people started thinking about the world of the future they've been drawing pictures of it. Here are a few wonderful examples of the images of the future from the past.

concept suit.  Looks silly now.

That's one heck of a concept design. It looks like a retro, futuristic, robot suit for the space business man. I see Mad Men in outer space!