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One way to create extra finished living space for your family is to build a family room addition. Learn how you should plan out this type of construction project. http://www.homeadditionplus.com/home-articles-info/Building-a-Family-Room-Addition.htm

DIY custom home building and building home addition articles on topics including Custom Home Building, home additions, and Home Remodeling.

Do you have a home improvement question? Then visit HomeAdditionPlus.com, a website dedicated to the DIY homeowner.

Top 10 things to do before hiring a home remodeling contractor. Save yourself time, hassles and lots of money on your home remodel.

Know your local residential building codes before starting a home remodeling project. See http://www.homeadditionplus.com/dev/home_articles/residential_building_codes/

Residential Building Codes - National and Local Building Codes are Meant to Protect Life, Limb, Property and Environment

Building a home addition or home remodeling project without pulling permits is fraught with danger, liabilities, and added costs.

Every house stays warmer and less drafty with this product - http://www.homeadditionplus.com/dev/framing/use-housewrap-in-building-home/

Use of housewrap weather protection systems, such as Tyvek and Typar, in home construction and custom home building.

HOW TO STEPS FOR FRAMING BASEMENT WALLS AND STICK BUILDING WALLS - http://www.homeadditionplus.com/dev/basements/framing-basement-walls/

How to instructions on framing basement walls including stick building, perimeter walls, interior walls, soffit walls, and ceilings.

COLD WEATHER HOME BUILDING TIPS - http://www.homeadditionplus.com/dev/home_articles/cold-weather-home-building/

Cold weather home building. Building a home in cold weather requires additional planning and some unique methods.

Home remodel: Homes designed by Castle Building and Remodel's Interior Designer Katie Jaydan.http://www.castlebri.com/renovations.html

Home remodel: Homes designed by Castle Building and Remodel's Interior Designer…